About the Authors

Erin and Jamie Schonauer

Erin K. Schonauer and Jamie C. Schonauer are identical twins and write together as a team. They’re award-winning authors of the nonfiction book Early Burbank. Their work has also appeared in children’s magazines and has been internationally produced. As twins, they share a close bond and a passion for storytelling. Their interest in writing and storytelling was sparked at an early age when they visited their local library and immersed themselves in the world of books. Here, they cherished some of their fondest memories like reading The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins. The sisters have been writing together for over 10 years and especially have a tender spot for writing children’s stories. Erin and Jamie’s unique bond as twins makes writing twice as fun! Plus, they are best friends! Connect with the sisters at: www.twinpens.com

About the Illustrator

I started out as a cowgirl in Chicago. Now, I am an artist in Arizona. How did that happen? Ever since I could remember I have loved art. I learned to paint and draw at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After that, I went to college so I could become an art teacher. There I earned a Bachelor Degree in Art Education, and eventually earned a Master Degree in Art Education and another in the Humanities. For over thirty years, it was a privilege for me to teach children and adults from kindergarten through college. I discovered that anyone can learn to be an artist. You only have to want to be one. I am an author, artist, and poet. I work in many media including collage and jewelry design and anything that makes me happy. We all need to express what is inside of us – and to live a happy life.
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About the Publisher

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Inner Peace Press was founded in 2021 by Heather Felty. Each book published by IPP is meant to support the reader to feel less alone, to understand others better, and to bridge connection. 

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